Scholarship Program


The Scholarship Program provides senior students (15-19 yrs) from across the world that are identified as future leaders with the opportunity to engage with issues of injustice. As a part of the program, selected students travel to a partner country where they experience development work firsthand, alongside local leaders in a variety of settings. The program also includes training, effective service opportunities and ongoing mentoring both within Australia and overseas. Upon completion of the program students and families are provided with pathways to engage, invest and use their lives to make a difference.

General or Athletic Stream

As of 2018 students can take part in the program either through the General stream or Athletic stream. The General stream is for students who are passionate about issues of injustice, development work and learning how to effectively engage with local communities. The Athletic stream harnesses our relationships with some of the world's best athletes and marathon runners. It is suited to students who love sport / athletics and also have a desire to learn more about issues of injustice and effective development.


The Scholarship Program is also recognised as an accredited program. In addition to students being acknowledged through our organisation, students will complete a unit (at Bachelor degree level) through the University of Divinity as a part of the program.

2018/19 Program Dates

26 March - Launch Event (Perth)

28 May - Parent Information Night

4 June - Nominations Close

2 July - Applications Close

20 August - Team Selection

4 - 19 January 2019 - General Stream Scholarship Trip (Kenya)

7 - 19 July 2019 Athletic Stream Scholarship Trip (Kenya)


Initiate Australia is the only organisation which invests in senior school students by subsidising them to travel to a developing country and experience development work firsthand.

Listen, Engage and Experience…

The Scholarship Program ties in with the broader development work carried out by Initiate Australia. The trip is not a volunteer trip but a trip for students to engage in stories and learn from local partners who are impacting their community. Our approach to each trip is one of sensitivity: each activity is planned around the empowerment of our local partners and their communities.

Participants will be exposed to a variety of settings and be challenged with specific community needs and development issues. Some of the contexts include slums, townships, villages, schools, churches, rural communities and the United Nations. Locations and activities are subject to recommended travel advice.

The health and wellbeing of the team is our first priority. We take a cautious approach to all activities and adjust plans as needed.

In the lead up to the trip in early January, the team will be involved in a number of preparation sessions. All details about these and other important dates will be handed out after team selection is made.

7 Years

95 Participants

12 Schools

4 Countries


"I found the trip to kenya very influential and empowering... I never thought it would have such an impact on my life - I always reflect and think to myself how lucky I was, and still am, to have been on such an eye opening and life changing experience. From this I will continue to be kind and caring, offer help where needed, be supportive and generous, all of this to make a difference in this world."

Shelby Jones - 2011 Alumni

"The Initiate Australia scholarship program creates a unique opportunity for secondary school students across Australia to address issues of social justice and poverty. In observing the program first hand, I strongly endorse the program and its vision, to educate and empower secondary students from diverse backgrounds in collaborating and engaging in meaningful relationships with members of communities, both locally and globally, in addressing social justice issues."

Greg Wood - Australian Sports Commission

"The value of partnering with Initiate Australia goes well beyond the provision of a great trip for students. The encouragement of leadership, a focus on social justice and the investment in the students as impacting global citizens exceeds the trip itself. Students are tangibly changed by the experience of an awareness trip, but they are empowered by working with Initiate Australia in using their skills and experiences to make future impact in their world."

Tracy Holmes - Principal