Investor Night


Each year we invite local change makers to share their initiatives with us. These people include entrepreneurs, partners, past scholarship alumni and organisations, who like us are passionate about seeing people free from poverty. The initiatives are then chosen based on our core values and the impact they will have. Once chosen we gather together with our donors to announce the new initiative(s) and invite them to share in the story.

How it works

Register and join the Investor Night through a $250 tax deductible donation. This donation goes directly towards the selected initiative(s) on the night. If funds are short, we get creative. Any excess funds we roll over to the following year. We prefer to think of your donation as an investment (hence the name!). Your donation gives a social return by impacting the lives of the most poor and vulnerable around the world.


We work alongside local partners, communities and other organisations to invest in projects that will address the root causes of poverty. We are committed to projects that are locally led, empowering and sustainable.

Perth Western Australia

Friday 17 August 2018

The Platform - Level 3, 256 Adelaide Tce