About Initiate Australia

Initiate Australia is an international development organisation and registered charity with a vision to see all people free from poverty through advocacy, education and investing in local people and initiatives. 

We are committed to sustainable development in communities and places where poverty exists. We recognise that a comprehensive approach is needed which is why we partner with like minded people and organisations,  utilise effective research and strategies, and measure all of our impact. 

Why Poverty?

Poverty in all its forms continues to oppress and deprive people in Australia and around the world of opportunity, dignity and basic living needs. It is estimated that 736 million people are living in extreme poverty around the world. This figure does not account for other forms of poverty. In Australia for example, we know that 1 in 10 children live in relative poverty. The impact of poverty is evident and cycles of poverty can continue for generations. 

We recognise that poverty can effect people and communities differently. Poverty in an Australian community can look vastly different to poverty in sub Saharan Africa. Identifying and defining poverty is the first step in addressing the root causes and ensuring people have the opportunity to develop and flourish in life regardless of where they are located. 

Our Team

Josh Bond

Co-Founder / CEO

Felicity Bond


Chelsea Horner

School Liaison Officer

Andrew Menzies

Board Member

Hannah Nancarrow

Board Member

Shaeron Yapp

Board Member

Simon Oeij

Board Member

Jo Weir


Catherine Greenhalgh


Mark Lauria


Greg Wood


Hilton Cartwright


Contact Details


+61 408 588 460

Where to find us

Purpose Studio
Level 3, 256 Adelaide Terrace
Perth, Western Australia