We work in the following four areas.

Clean Water

Water is life’s most basic need and can change everything!

Small Business

What holds development work altogether and is the underlying key, is investment in sustainable projects.


Education is a fundamental human right and the key to achieving a huge number of outcomes.


Access to health care is critical because it not only affects the individual but also the community.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new - Socrates


Investing in local initiatives. Empowering local people.
Our values define what we do and how we do it

We believe in supporting and entrusting LOCAL leaders, rather than enforcing our own ideas or agendas. Our local leaders and local communities have the voice that holds the key to transformation. This value is built on relationship, trust and working together to see peoples' dreams for their communities realized. We also believe that to EMPOWER someone means to provide opportunities for ownership, choice and freedom. For change to take place people need to be given the opportunities to transform their own lives and communities. Lastly, we are passionate about breaking the cycle of donor dependence and as a result focus on SUSTAINABILITY in all our initiatives! We want all initiatives and projects to have the best opportunity to last into the future so we invest with this in mind. We want to ensure that communities are in a better place economically, environmentally, socially and spiritually for future generations.


    working with our partners in their context


    local change makers leading the way


    breaking dependence on external input

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