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Recent local initiatives and their impact

Grace Academy Ndeiya

This pre-primary school fills a much needed gap in the community of Ndieya by transitioning children to primary education. Currently, 25 children are enrolled and since 2008, 226 children have successfully transitioned to primary and high school.

Cornerstone Academy Turkana

Turkana, Kenya is home to some of the toughest living conditions. A remote desert region marked by severe drought and famine. Our local partner Leah had a dream to provide education for vulnerable children so she opened a nursery school. Currently, 95 children attend the nursery school and are provided with meals and care.

Ruiru Cafe

This internet cafe outside of Nairobi Kenya provides a safe space and resources for members of the community. Profits are invested back into the local primary school.

Cornerstone Borehole

Dagoretti Corner has a population of over 250,000 and access to clean water remains a challenge. On average 29,000 litres are distributed per day to the wider community. It also directly supplies clean water to a primary school, greenhouse, fish farm and health clinic.

Solai Water Project

Completed in March 2016 this borehole serves over 100 homes in the community of Solai, Kenya. As a direct there has been a significant improvement in health, school attendance and job security.

Ndeiya Guest House

The guest house situated in Ndeiya and on the edge of the Rift Valley can accommodate up to 24 guests. This community initiative and social business will provide income generation for health programs and Grace Academy pre-primary.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new - Socrates


Initiating change to see all people free from poverty
Initiating Change

Our goal is sustainable development with the world's poorest individuals, families and communities both within Australia and overseas. By investing in local initiatives we empower local individuals, families and communities to alleviate poverty.

  • LOCAL & Empowering

    We are committed to resourcing and empowering local people in their communities. Local solutions to local problems.

  • Sustainable

    We desire to break unhealthy dependence and together with our partners are committed to long term impact.


Staff, Board & Advisors

Josh Bond


Felicity Bond



Scholarship & Ambassador Coordinator

Nate Draper

Executive Assistant & Events

Simon Oeij

Board Member (Chairman)

Hannah Nancarrow

Board Member (Secretary)

Andrew Menzies

Board Member

Jo Weir

Advisor – Medair

Catherine Greenhalgh

Advisor – World Vision

Greg Wood

Advisor – Australian Sports Commission

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